Family Visits

Discover the Mystery and History of the Eldridge Street Synagogue. A secret room where no one EVER goes (but you can)! A sky-high ceiling covered with golden stars. A building so filled with stories, its walls almost seem to talk. Who says museums aren’t fun?

The Museum at Eldridge Street accepts the Cool Culture Pass and IDNYC.

Family Fun – Ongoing Family Activities

  • Explore our landmark sanctuary using our new family guide or go on a guided tour and give a scavenger hunt to your kids
  • Explore our award-winning interactive exhibits
  • Buy our “Shining Again” coloring book

Preservation Detectives – Our Monthly Family Program

Binoculars? Check. Notepads? Check. Magnifying glasses? Check. Preservation Detectives, grab your tools and prepare for adventure! Step into a world filled with color, stories, and secrets. Climb stairs, count stars, open doors, even peek inside these 130 year old walls. Each month features a different theme, a colorful art project, and a new discovery. Take part in our monthly Preservation Detectives program, voted “Best Family Program” by Time Out Magazine